Raising with Ripe

What is raising with Ripe?
Raising with Ripe is all about educating and engaging the next generation of growers and eaters and encouraging them to make healthy food choices.  We will bring our pop-up market concept to your school and the Ripe Market Stall will offer a selection of Ripe’s tastiest organic fruit and veggies. 

Parents and children can purchase straight from the Ripe Market Stall and 10% of sales will go back to the school for you to plant your own organic veggie garden.

Our Ripe team will be on hand on the day to talk all things organic and organic farming so parents, children and teachers come away with the knowledge to make informed healthy eating choices.

Want to get your School Involved? Here is how:
Is your school ready to join the Raising with Ripe Initiative? It’s super simple and here is how:
o Tell us you want to be involved and give us a contact person.
o Ripe will allocate your pop-up market days in our calendar.
o Give us some space within your school/nursery to set up the Pop-Up.
o On the day, our team will pop –up with our market stall and delicious selection of organic fruit and veggies. We have some healthy recipes to give you to inspire your cooking.
o Your school gets 10% of the sales to plough into growing your own veggie garden on the school grounds.

Handy Documents for you to download:

To enquire further, please contact rwr@ripeme.com or call 04 380 7602.