Raising with Ripe

Raising with Ripe is a super cool initiative to help you raise money for YOUR school!

It’s all part of our commitment to playing a strong role in the community and to encouraging healthier eating amongst children. It’s simple too and any school or nursery can take part, regardless of size or scope.

Heres How:

Every week, we supply schools and nurseries with bags of delicious and nutritious, organic, local, seasonal and fresh Ripe produce. Parents and teachers can sign up for a box and on collection, they pay for the following week. This ensures no fuss or wastage yet at the same time, feeds your kids with the best possible fuel to keep their energy levels sky-high day in day out. 

As for your school? It gets 10% of the price of each and every box sold.

Starting at only AED 80 and bursting with a yummy scrummy seasonal selection of local veg, the boxes are excellent value too. All produce is from local UAE organic farms and each box has a fab recipe to try at home. 

We hope that schools and parents throughout the UAE will support this initiative.  

Its a WIN WIN WIN WIN After all.
  1. KIDS WIN because they get loads of top veg in their diet to help them grow big and strong
  2. PARENTS WIN because they get a ready supply of produce to feed their kids without hassle or fuss
  3. SCHOOLS WIN because for each and every box sold, they get 10% cash back 
  4. FARMERS WIN because the more boxes sold, the more produce they can grow and sell
  5. RIPE WINS because we get to share our amazing produce with the local community
How it Works.
  • You contact Ripe to sign up your school or nursery
  • You designate a representative to be the main contact with Ripe
  • We agree with you a preferred delivery day and time for each week 
  • On the designated delivery day, mums, dads, helpers and teachers arrive to collect their boxes and place their order for the following week
  • The school collects their 10% payment for the following weeks order 
  • The designated representative places their order with Ripe for delivery the following week 

Not much at all! The designated representative is responsible for ensuring the order is with us in time, that the boxes are given out to the parents and that the following weeks orders are collected. You will also be the point of contact for any questions or suggestions about the initiative.

Lets Get Going.

Once signed up, you just need to start spreading the word! We’ll help you do this with a cool launch day featuring plenty of samples so you can taste just how tantalising Ripe produce really is! We’ll also provide plenty of free flyers and posters for you to distribute. The rest is up to you … just talk to the teachers and chat to the mums & dads about the great value of the boxes and how raising money for the school, supporting UAE farmers and giving the kids the best possible start in life, is a pretty great thing!

Handy Documents for you to download.

To apply or to enquire further, please contact info@ripeme.com or call 04 380 7602.